Hi, I'm Kim.

I'm a former graphic designer with a knack for digging into both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of a given brand or campaign. Through a deep understanding of the target audience and all marketing channels (PR, Media, Digital, Social) I develop integrated marketing strategies that drive awareness and deliver results for a
variety of B2B and B2C companies. I efficiently lead cross-functional teams to
create multi-channel marketing campaigns and develop new business strategies
that strengthen brand equity, recognition and converts leads. 


I'm passionate about

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It all starts with understanding your business, industry, processes, and most importantly, audience. These insights lead to developing a strategic marketing
plan to meet your goals.

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Once a creative, always a creative. I have a graphic design background which gives me unique insights into the needs and expectations for developing creative strategies It also allows for efficiencies with projects and workflow. 

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I take an integrated approach to marketing and focus on the solution instead of method of delivery. I
work with each client to utilize the right combination
of marketing channels
to reach their audience
and drive results.

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From maximizing your
brand performance to increasing your ROI, I am passionate about delivering strategies that drive results. I have experience helping B2Band B2C companies grow their business.